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High Gloss/Hardness Baking Enamel

Product ID: TufKoat® TC-42J Series

Premium Gloss/Hardness for Copper, Copper Alloys, and Metals Plated Therewith, and characterized with:
1. Water borne, low pollution, non-inflammable.
2. High gloss, high hardness film formed thereof. 
3. Protective film with high resilience and abrasion resistance.
4. A minimal 150°C temperature required for optimal curing conditions.
5. Excellent anti-tarnishing to copper, copper alloys and plated substrates.
6. Conforming to any environmental or VOC regulations.

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Item Characteristics
Appearance: Aqueous colorless translucent
Chemical type: Modified acrylic-MF system
Non-volatile, 110°C x 2 hours: 20 ± 1 %
Organic solvent content, %: < 3%, alcohols
Specific gravity, g/ml, 25°C: 1.11 ± 0.10
Viscosity, Ford Cup #4, 25°C: 10 ± 5 seconds
pH Value: 7 ~ 8
PACKING: 20kg in plastic pails or 200kg in plastic drums
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: 20KG
Contact Detail
Contact:Ms. Chen
Address:1-1, Bengong 5th Rd., Gangshan Kaohsiung, Taiwan82059

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